On October 29th, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization for pediatric doses of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID19 vaccine for children 5 to 11 years of age, now adding to the availability of this vaccine for children 12 and older.

Some parents and children could not wait for this day to come and are rushing to get vaccinated.  Some parents are adamant that their child will not be vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine.  But there is a segment of parents who, though they may perhaps be vaccinated themselves and believe in Public Health efforts, or due to being pressured into vaccinating their children due to mandates/the EUA, are hesitant and afraid to move forward and want to know more before they commit to this vaccine for their child(ren).

As an Asian Medicine pediatric specialist, I have provided vaccine preparedness sessions for my families for years now, helping children prepare their bodies to be as healthy as possible to receive vaccines so as to minimize possible strong short term immunologic responses and long term side effects.

I will be giving an on-line class on Asian Medicine Vaccine Preparedness and share my Preparedness Protocol to help families manage this new frontier now that the EUA is here and most likely a mandate to follow soon for this age group.


The 1.5-hour class will cover:

  • Why Asian Medicine can be a guiding light in helping families make decisions regarding vaccinations
  • Asian Medicine views of an ideal health of the child receiving the vaccine
  • How Pediatric Asian Medicine can help prepare the body
  • Do’s and Don’t’s leading up to the vaccine, the day of the vaccine, and post vaccine
  • Chinese Herbal and supplemental protocol​ for vaccine response regulation


If your child has had their first vaccine already, this is still a great class to take for the second shot, since it looks like most people, when they react, react in the second dose.  Knowing what you learn from this class will help prepare your child for the second dose.

The information is also completely applicable for adults preparing for their mRNA vaccine or the boosters.


Cost: $25

Date:  Wed Nov. 17th  

Time: 5pm PST

Format: Live Online

Any questions, email info@iyashiwellness.com